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Parabolt helps YPF evolve into the Gas Stations of the Future
With Parabolt’s proven methodology and startup mentality, innovation spread throughout the company in just 12 weeks

Miami, April 30, 2019 – Parabolt, the company that turns innovative ideas into disruptive products, is helping to transform YPF, Argentina’s top energy company and one of the biggest industry leaders in Latin America.

Seeking to deepen transformation and enhance leadership for 2020, YPF adopted Kyduk, Parabolt’s pioneering platform that allows companies to search and develop new ideas in-house, systematizing and accelerating the process of innovation.

In just 12 weeks, through a series of innovation workshops, the platform managed to track and develop new ideas within the company, evaluating, selecting and ranking them. Prototypes were produced for the most outstanding original ones, allowing for their execution and implementation.

Last year, more than 20 ideas were chosen as out-of-the box proposals for the Gas Stations of the Future. As a result of this process, a number of innovative concepts are now being developed for deployment across YPF’s network of gas stations in 2019.

In addition, an innovative portal and app has been developed exclusively for YPF. These tools allow collaborators across the firm to upload new ideas for evaluation, improvement and, if selected, execution. So far, more than 120 ideas have been uploaded to the portal – and that number keeps on growing!

Throughout the project, the focus has been on the development of skills and the creation of conditions that foster the curation of new ideas, with Parabolt’s agile framework putting innovation directly in the hands of YPF’s internal team.

Kyduk accelerates cultural change in companies who seek to democratize innovation, accelerating the generation of ideas and, above all, their execution.

About Parabolt

We are a company that transforms innovative ideas into disruptive and scalable businesses. Through our three camps or business portfolios we incubate our own concepts as well as ideas generated by Latin American entrepreneurs and large corporations to transform them into disruptive digital products and collaborative platforms.

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