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New Platform from Parabolt Helps Retailers Capture The "Magic Moment" of Sales

MIAMI, April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Parabolt, gA's digital innovation incubator, announces the launch of OCP (Omnichannel Customer Platform), a new cloud-computing platform that enables users to deliver improved customer experiences that boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

OCP is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud platform service that seamlessly integrates multiple technology sources like Wi-Fi, social data, and POS enabling industries and firms to better connect with their customers, enhancing encounters and improving operational efficiency.

OCP is already at work in the Mexican retail industry, improving visitor engagement at the La Comer chain of hypermarket stores. Using this new platform, retailers such as La Comer are able to assess vital insights into customer behavior, enabling them to develop targeted marketing interactions, sales strategies and personalized services for each buyer.

Juan Pablo Garza, OCP Sales Director points out that more than 85 percent of all sales decisions are still made inside stores "Most retailers fail to leverage this key issue because they are not assessing the available data that allows us to gain a complete understanding of a customer's journey," said the executive. "The chance to take a deep dive into online and offline customer behavior, and to synergize those interactions, is often overlooked."

OCP makes that possible. With the platform's innovative real time approach, it's easier for retailers and other industry verticals to collect, consolidate and interpret data in order to fully understand their customers and visitors.

Parabolt's new platform leverages Wi-Fi network infrastructure to assess visitor behavior such as average visit time, capture rate, loyalty and conversion rate – all without requiring visitors to log in to a store Wi-Fi domain. High volumes of data are captured from stores via multiple technology plugins, which are then processed by OCP using state-of-the-art algorithms.

Insights are then delivered via OCP's dashboard and predictive information services, allowing users to plan effective marketing and promotion campaigns with greater ease and accuracy. Simultaneously, applied data science adds an objective, data-driven input that can optimize the layout and distribution of products in a store.

"We combine instore behavior and sales with predictive analytics and demographic data to build customer profiles and to engage customers in new exciting and personalized ways," said Garza. "OCP closes the gap between the digital and physical worlds."

OCP from Parabolt gives companies the ability to advance to the forefront of technology, harnessing the latest trends – and translating them into new business opportunities. To see OCP in action, visit Booth 1122 on the main exhibition floor of the eMerge Americas tech event this April 29 and 30, where Parabolt will be offering demos of this new, exciting platform.

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